Equine Bowen


The Bowen Technique is a non-invasive, effective hands on technique which promotes healing, pain relief and rebalancing of the body. It treats the whole body helping to release muscle spasm, improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Bowen therapists will treat the complete body, human or horse, and not a specific disease.

The technique was pioneered by Thomas Ambrose Bowen, born in 1916 in Australia, who initially worked on Greyhounds and racehorses.

The practitioner uses fingers and thumbs on precise points of the body over muscles, tendons and ligaments. During the treatment there are two-minute breaks when the horse is left to rest. There is no manipulation of adjustment of hard tissue. The treatment will take approximately one hour, although slightly longer on the first treatment as details of the presenting symptoms will be taken.

Conditions which respond well to Equine Bowen Therapy

  • Muscle, joint stiffness
  • Ligament and tendon injuries
  • Unlevelness, disunited gait or irregular action
  • “Cold” back or sore back.
  • Sluggish lymphatic system or weakened immune system.
  • Uncharacteristic change of temperament.
  • Muscle atrophy or uneven development.
  • Stiffness on one rein, headshaking
  • Stress relief, behavioural issues, rehabilitation of rescue/abused horses


Horses can also injure their backs by getting cast, pulling back when tied up, slipping on tarmac or icy roads, and from poorly fitting saddles or rugs. Many older horses that have been retired due to stiffness have returned to gentle hacking following EBT.

The effects of the treatment can last for 2-4 days while the body is rebalancing and healing, during this time we recommend no strenuous exercise, tight circles or jumping.

The horse is best treated in a quiet and relaxed environment, preferably the horses own stable.

equine-bowenIt is recommended that the horse has 3 initial treatments, about a week apart, which is most effective for long lasting relief. Top up treatments are recommended 3-6 months or sooner if re-injury.

It is advisable not to have the horse shod, teeth rasped, wormed or vaccinated 2 days either side of treatment.

It is beneficial for the rider to also be correctly balanced, as an unbalanced horse can cause an unbalanced rider and visa -versa. Any correction of a horses problem may not hold unless the rider is also in complete structural balance.

Cost £40 per treatment

It is a legal requirement to seek veterinary permission prior to treatment.

Please note: The Bowen Technique and Equine Bowen Therapy are not intended as a substitute for medical or veterinary advice or treatment. If in doubt, please consult your Doctor or Veterinary Surgeon.